Our Technologies
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New generation of ecological building materials

– moisture resistant;
– corrosion proof;
– heat resistant;
– Earthquake resistant (seismic and vibration proof);
– air purification qualities;
– healing respiratory system.

100 years guarantee.

It is рerfect material for: eco buildings, bridge and industrial construction, airstrips construction.

Innovative Marine Energy Рlant

The lowest cost of green energy in the world : 1 cent for 1 kw/hour.
Innovative: Technology that can store productions of energy.
Reserves helps to reach 92% efficiency.
Cluster principle catering for scalable variation, with maximum plant size of 250 mw.
20 years guarantee without repairs.
Usable for Hotels and Airstrips on the water.

Wind power plants for electricity generation

Wind power plants is an ecologically clean station. No ultrasound waves and it is completely safe for humans.
Variants of capacity:
2 kW
5 kW
10 kW
It is possible to collect clusters (groups) of plants of different power.